Flexible, Mobile-Optimized Point of Sale for Restaurants and F&B Retailers

The key to a successful restaurant is delivering an outstanding dining experience with high-quality food and quick, efficient service. Hitachi’s Food and Beverage POS helps restaurants manage and track all aspects of food creation and service – from cooking the meal to processing the customer’s payment.

The Food and Beverage POS for Restaurants is optimized for:

  • Casual dining restaurants
  • Fast-casual dining restaurants
  • Quick-service restaurants
  • Fine dining restaurants
Food and Beverage POS interface

Back End Operations

The back-end operations of distribution and ordering logistics play a significant role in overall customer service levels, operating costs, and company profitability. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers integrated back-end capabilities for supply chain, inventory, and financials. It is an integrated ERP system that supports better coordination for inter- dependent business processes for ordering, inventory management, and more while providing executive with relevant and timely information for better decisions making.

Retail operations can depend on a larger number of back- end transactions involving the movement of retail stock, as well as equipment. It is important that these goods flow from suppliers to stores smoothly which involves the coordination of many processes and activities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings together distinct processes such as ordering, franchise management, and warehouse together with financial processes into one consolidated system.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can provide a suggested order quantity feature based on historical consumption at stores, replenish planning/auto PO for optimum inventory levels, create event-based workflow approval processes, categorized transitions with financial dimensions, and more.

Order Customization

The Food and Beverage POS guides employees through food and beverage orders and transactions, enabling employees to better engage from the beginning to the end of a customer’s dining experience. The Food and Beverage POS supports multiple transaction types – such as dine in, takeout, delivery, etc. – ensuring that the customer
receives quality care no matter if they choose to eat in the restaurant or at home.

The POS can display the different order options that a customer can choose from, enabling a speedier checkout process, as well as allowing the restaurant staff to better assist with customer questions or needs.

Insightful Table and Waiter Management

Kitchen and recipe management is streamlined with the Food and Beverage POS by allowing work stations to be set up (e.g. cutting station, baking station, packaging station), and recipes listing the ingredients, quantities, and steps needed for cooking specific items. The cost per kitchen order can also be recorded for reference. This insight and direction allows restaurant team members to work efficiently and productively, and customers to receive their orders in a timely manner.

Flexible, Mobile-Optimized Point of Sale

Hitachi Solutions’ Food and Beverage POS for Restaurants provides a modern, flexible point of sale with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Optimized for mobile devices, servers are able to easily take orders from smartphones or tablets. And with the ability to easily configure the user interface design according to store roles, employees are able to see the appropriate, relevant POS buttons to their job function, and restaurants benefit from greater security and more
productive employees.


  • Quick Order Entry: Point of point of sale solution that allows for efficient order taking with ability to do customizable orders
  • Streamlined Restaurant Operations: Comprehensive back-end functionality for Kitchen Management,
  • Eliminate Food waste: Moving Average based replenishment and native forecasting ensures just right supply.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Empower employees to improve customer satisfaction
  • Flexibility: Easily add stores and expand into new retail channels
  • Quick Training: Get people up to speed quickly even with a rapidly changing workforce

Key Features

  • Centralized store management
  • Flexible POS
  • Kitchen Management
  • Food Replenishment
  • Global reach and scalability
  • Multichannel enablement
  • Hardware and payment compliance
  • Investment protection

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