Compete In a Demanding Industry by Focusing on Customers

Hitachi Solutions’ Engage for Insurance provides insurance companies with a practical solution to effectively manage and foster profitable relationships across agencies, customers, brokers, and other partners. Our insurance CRM software enables you to focus on all aspects of the insurance agency and the customer lifecycle, from relationship and engagement management to business development.

We deliver valuable insights — derived from customer data — via an intuitive user interface, so you can focus on finding, winning, and maintaining profitable client relationships. We understand that managing the customer relationship is a team process. That’s why we use a collaborative agency management system to help you coordinate between teams with a tailored experience based on each user’s job role.

Deliver personalized, contextual experiences

Offer every job role within your insurance company, including insurance agents, service reps, underwriters, and producers, access to personalized, contextual experiences.

Access real-time information

Give your distributors real-time access to information when and where they need it, on any device.

Create tailored processes

Give any engagement type (including, sales, retention, and customer service) access to tailored processes.

Provide customized dashboards

Provide teams, employees, and stakeholders visibility into performance and activity.

Why Choose Engage for Insurance?

We offer deep industry expertise combined with decades of experience providing high-value solutions that deliver rapid return on investment to our clients. Our approach is designed to give you a faster, lower-risk implementation and rapid adoption through proven best practices.

Core technologies

It starts with core technologies built on the Microsoft Cloud, so you can get up and running quickly.

Industry modules

We extend that with our own industry modules that give you capabilities tailored to the unique needs of the Insurance industry.

A customized solution

Finally, we deliver a customized CRM solution to provide the best fit for your business, so you can focus on your unique strengths, not on basic technology.

To bring our clients the best, most innovative insurance agency software solution, we partner with Microsoft. By leveraging the power of the Microsoft Cloud combined with our deep industry expertise, Hitachi Solutions was able to design a powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system specifically for the insurance agency industry that integrates seamlessly with the entire suite of Microsoft products.

As a global leader in delivering success with business applications based on the Microsoft Cloud, Hitachi Solutions has won more Microsoft Partner of the Year and customer excellence awards than any other partner on the planet.