Predictive Analytics and Independent Decision-Making for the Manufacturing and Services Industries

Enhance Operational Efficiencies by Initiating a Data-Driven Service Business

Businesses have customarily been limited to handling the maintenance of their production assets centered on the equipment’s age or usage to stay away from costly failures. With the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses can now connect and manage devices and analyze the data in real-time to develop new predictive maintenance capabilities that can enhance operational efficiencies— implementing revolutionized data-driven services businesses. Your organization can develop the maintenance optimization process from ‘repair and replace’ to ‘predict and fix’ with the IoT Service Hub.

The IoT Service Hub is built on the proven Microsoft Technologies including Azure IoT Suite, Dynamics 365 Field Service; and Power BI and R integrated with SQL Server.

The IoT Service Hub will allow your business to:

  • Limit equipment downtime by proactively observing checking equipment health in real-time therefore service can be executed exactly when needed before it is likely to be unsuccessful
  • Increase productive uptime by predictively analyzing problems therefore repairs can be executed during scheduled production downtime and not during peak periods
  • Decrease routine maintenance costs by implementing condition-based maintenance that focuses on high-probability issues rather than performing expensive ad-hoc maintenance to ensure device maintenance is within the warranty period of the device
  • Raise asset lifespan by conducting predictive maintenance before failures occur
  • Enrich worker safety by observing equipment conditions and defects that can form an alert or issue countermeasures before a damage is sustained
  • Create new revenue streams by implementing performance-based service agreements or equipment-as-a-service offers

Cloud-based software, data science, and integration services that allows you to transform your maintenance model from ‘repair and replace’ to ‘predict and fix’.

Device Lifecycle Management

Azure IoT Hub can help your business monitor the entire life cycle of your IoT devices from bi-directional communications with devices by using the Azure IoT Hub that has a secured and authenticated industry standard protocols all evaluated from a user-friendly interface within the Dynamics 365.

Simulated Devices

By replicating devices’ behavior, you can view a predictive model’s performance in a controlled environment and test the analytics model before enforcing it in your business operations. This enables you to choose the right model configuration and learn how potent your solution will be by looking at the simulated results


Machine Learning

IoT Service Hub enables you to work from a ready-to-use library of algorithms, implement them to create models on an internet-connected computer and quickly use a predictive solution.


Native dashboards are available as static or real-time displays. Real-time dashboards enable you to view analysis every second, minute, or hour while static dashboards show every day or week view of analysis depending on your needs and goals. Dashboards are accessed within the Dynamics 365 environment.

Manage and maintain devices no matter where you are located with a 360-degree view into the device life cycle. The IoT Service Hub can send commands to devices based on certain condition; for example, it can send a command to a machine to shut down before it overheats and automatically create a work order in Dynamics 365 for Field Service to hasten services before a major failure occurs.

State Monitoring

Monitor device changes in health and state and execute deliberate actions or activities. The operator console receives alerts within Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as Mobile Application.

Lifecyle Management and Administration

Plan, Provision, Configure, Monitor and Retire all supported devices.

Solution Portal

Monitored within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment providing secure and controlled access to only those authorized. Other users such as technicians and administrative staff converse with the environment via their view or portal into Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

Interested in enforcing predictive service capabilities in your organization but do not know where to start?

Let us help you recognize a high impact business plan and then design a working model in a controlled environment, so you can hastily measure the potential benefits.