Microsoft Dynamics CRM Absolute Software Success Story

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Absolute Software Success Story

Achieve Efficiency with Dynamics CRM

Absolute® Software (TSX VEN;ABT) is the leader in PC Theft Recovery and Secure Asset Tracking™ with more than 500,000 subscriptions under management. They provide organizations the ability to track their computing assets, deter computer loss, reduce incurred liability costs and increase productivity.

With Hitachi Solutions, Absolute Software is able to:

  • Achieve rapid adoption unlike previous systems due to tight integration with other Microsoft Programs like Outlook
  • Share critical information across the company, forcing a closer, more efficient relationship between sales and technical support
  • Tracking sales leads and ROI associated with marketing campaigns and trade show is now a possibility


Absolute Software Microsoft Dynamics CRM Success Story

Hitachi Solutions truly understands our business and we are pleased to have them as a strategic partner, leveraging their CRM expertise to ensure future success.

Risa Zaleski, Director of Operations, Absolute Software