Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations provides collaboration with vendors using the Vendor Portal.

Key functions available are:


Vendors may view Purchase Orders (“PO”) through the Vendor Collaboration Workspace. The organization can share notes and documents that are related to purchase orders with vendors, for example, to describe requirements.


The vendor can also share notes and attachments back when they respond to the PO. When a vendor responds to a PO, there are different messages that are shown when they Accept, Reject, or Accept with changes. The portal lets purchasing agents send a PO to the vendor, and then receive a Confirmed or Rejected response directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. The process can be configured so that a confirmation from the vendor automatically confirms the order. The vendor can also suggest changes such as different quantities or a different delivery dates when rejecting the Purchase Order. Vendors can also import PO information into their own system by using the Export to Excel functionality.

Purchase Order Collaboration on Vendor Portal with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations


Any Purchase Order Revisions are sent to the Vendor via the Vendor Portal for re-confirmation. All Responses from the Vendors are saved as Confirmation Request Journals thus providing a full audit trail of all interactions with the Vendor. Similarly, any vendor suggested changes in quantities or delivery dates or the purchase order header info can easily be transferred to the purchase order. This is a one-click action for purchasing professionals when they receive the response with the suggested changes from the vendor.


If using consignment inventory, vendor can view

  • Purchase orders consuming consignment inventory - Purchase orders for consignment inventory are generated when the ownership of the inventory is changed from the vendor to your company. A product receipt/goods receipt is posted at the same time.
  • Products received from consignment inventory: Vendors can use this information to invoice the customer.
  • On-hand consignment inventory Vendors can see the on-hand consignment inventory that is owned by them and that has been received at your warehouse.


Vendors create a new invoice for a confirmed Purchase Order and provide the invoice number. To automate the process, all the lines from the vendor's purchase order will appear on the new invoice by default. The quantity and cost information can be edited by the vendor prior to submitting the vendor invoice to an approval workflow. Vendors can attach files, notes, images, and URLs to an invoice before submitting it.


Vendors can view their posted and unposted vendor invoices and payment status of the invoices on the Vendor Collaboration List page. The payment statuses include Unposted, Unpaid, Partially paid, and Fully paid.


The vendor workspace is optimized to mobile devices and vendors can view Purchase Orders, User contacts and perform other functions through their mobile devicesFor more information about deploying the Vendor Portal or Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations please email us at