Join our Loyalty Management Solution Webinar with Microsoft Dynamics CRM find out how to develop a customer loyalty program, get 360-degree customer views, unify customer data across channels, manage award tiers, segments, and promotions and manage program performance with reports and analytics.

Join the Procure-to-Pay with Microsoft Dynamics AX Webinar to see how Microsoft Dynamics AX optimizes procurement with in-depth data visibility.

December 16 Webinar: CRM for Insurance

Check out the CRM for Insurance Webinar to see how CRM for Insurance helps increase client loyalty and renewal rates with faster inquiry handling, streamlined claims resolution, and proactive customer service.

Join the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Launch event to hear about digital transformation from industry experts and Microsoft leadership and learn how Dynamics 365 can help you transform.

Re-Imagine Retail With Cloud Technology

Join our “Re: Imagine Retail with Cloud Technology” Event, as we discuss how incorporating Microsoft Cloud solutions can help your retail business to engage customers deeper and increase staff efficiency.

Join our webinar to see how CRM for Banks allows agents to experience a 360-degree customer view, personalized interactions, in-depth customer management, boosts in profitability and increased productivity.

Join our webinar, Better Budgeting for Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics AX, for a deep dive into the new and existing budgeting features in Microsoft Dynamics AX – and how those features greatly benefit your business.

Join our Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics Demo to see an in-depth overview of the capabilities of Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics and the many benefits it can provide for your online sales channel.

Join our Financial Excellence with Microsoft Dynamics AX Webinar to learn how to use Microsoft Dynamics AX’s easy-to-use inquiry tools, powerful analysis, and reporting capabilities to help you handle revenue, payables, receivables, and cash flow efficiently–so you can gain insight into financial performance, plan strategically, and make confident, informed decisions.

Join us for the Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Webinar to see how Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail provides out-of-the-box capabilities for Point-of-Sale, store management, supply chain and merchandising.