Retail Revolution with Technology Event

Join Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft for the “Retail Revolution with Technology” Event, where we will share valuable insights about the current retail industry trends and how incorporating modern Microsoft technologies empower retailers to create exceptional shopping experiences.

CRM for Banks Webinar

August 15 Webinar: CRM for Banks

Join us for the CRM for Banks Webinar as we show you how Hitachi Solutions’ Engage for Banking helps you develop meaningful and enduring relationships with your customers, while improving service efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail Webinar

Join our Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail Webinar on Wednesday, July 25th, 1:00 PM Singapore Time / 3:00 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time, to learn how the solution reduces complexity for retailers, providing customer engagement capabilities

Loyalty Management Solution Webinar

Join us for the Loyalty Management Solution Webinar to discover how the Hitachi Solutions’ Loyalty Management system enables businesses to take full control of each stage of loyalty program operations – from customer enrollment, to creation of promotions, to reward transactions.

Food and Beverage POS for Restaurants Webinar

Join our webinar to learn how the Food and Beverage POS for Restaurants built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps restaurants track and manage all aspects of food creation and service – from cooking the meal to processing the customer’s payment.

Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics Webinar

Join our upcoming Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics Demo to see how our Ecommerce solution helps you increase conversions by improving native design functionality and streamlining checkout, gain complete visibility over each online store’s activity and customer needs, empower your customers with a self-service “My Account” portal and operate on the highest security standards with PCI compliance.

Engage for Insurance Event, Manila

Join Hitachi Solutions for the Engage for Insurance Event on Tuesday, June 19th, 2018, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm PHT, and learn how Hitachi Engage for Insurance built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides insurers with a practical solution to proactively manage and foster profitable customer connections across agencies, customers, brokers, and other partners. Gain access to an in-depth customer database with all the information you need so you can focus on finding, winning, and maintaining profitable client relationships.

Loyalty Management Solution Webinar Hong Kong Banner

Join our upcoming Hong Kong Loyalty Management Solution Webinar on Monday, March 26th, 2018 to see how this solution provides valuable reports and analytics on loyalty transaction data and program performance, allowing companies to quantitatively measure the success of loyalty program initiatives.


Join us for the CRM for Banking Webinar to learn how this powerful CRM system empowers bank agents, relationship managers, bank branch managers and bank customer service representatives to better manage customer interactions.

loyalty management solution webinar

Join our upcoming Loyalty Management Solution Webinar to learn how to better understand your customers and strengthen your customer relationship.