Digital disruption is continuously changing the way organizations do business across all verticals, and no industry is immune. Businesses are encouraged to utilize a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system which promotes visibility and digital intelligence needed to optimize efficiency, deliver outstanding customer experiences, and accelerate growth.  Join us for the Modernizing Finance and Operations Event on Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 11:00 am to 1:00 PHT, as we provide

One of the primary drivers of a growing organization is the ability to better connect with and understand the demands of today’s consumers. This indicates the importance of harnessing predictive customer insights to determine what they want and need in a product or service. Hitachi Solutions, in partnership with Microsoft, provides businesses guidance into AI-driven

In this Digital Transformation era, it is important for retailers to look for ways to streamline operations and at the same time, improve customer experience. The best way to achieve these goals is with a business management system that provides flexibility and scalability, allowing your company to continue to evolve. But are your systems capable

App in a Day Roadshow

Register now for an interactive training to learn how to create custom business applications without writing code, leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform technologies – PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.  App in a Day is designed to accelerate your PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and CDS for Applications experience with a comprehensive training in a single day.  App in a Day Roadshow  Manila, Philippines Date: 21 November 2019,

Today, C-level executives are expected to practice a customer-centric way of operating business as well as rally their company to create a competitive advantage in their respective industries. Along with the goal of building a successful organization to generate higher sales, members of the C-suite are also responsible for creating consistent and meaningful customer engagements.

Retail of the Future Event in Manila

In today’s technology-driven retail industry, it is important for retailers to have a seamless retail management solution that allows their businesses to integrate operations and expand their organizational footprint while improving customer experience at all touch points. A cloud-based unified platform will help enhance business operations as retailers shift towards cloud-first and mobile-first technologies and

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Digital transformation is still fundamentally changing the way businesses run their operations. The old “fix after failure” processes are no longer cutting it as companies should anticipate and manage changing needs before they happen. Organizations must be keen to explore and embrace the different ways in which Cloud technology can streamline their financials, optimize their

The rise of digital transformation is rapidly changing the field service industry. To improve operations in this highly competitive business landscape, organizations should explore the right tools that will enrich productivity through predictive maintenance and customer engagement, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency. Service-oriented businesses must know how to provide their consumers a seamless service

ERP Modernization

Cloud solutions are continuously transforming the way organizations operate and most successful companies have adopted this technology for digital transformation. Whether it is flexibility, scalability or increased collaboration, cloud solutions are quickly improving operational agility around the world. Leveraging a Cloud-based ERP provides improved usability, adoption, and access across any device where you can make

Providing consumers consistent shopping experiences across all channels help drive organizations to continuously evolve and enhance their business practices in the industry. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail allows retailers to leverage a unified commerce platform which effectively boosts sales, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty, allowing them to deliver personalized shopping experiences for their customers. Join