With Hitachi Solutions as your Microsoft Managed Services partner, we provide 24/7/365 access to a dedicated team of support professionals, so you always have an expert to turn to. You can subscribe to the expert hours you need and use them however you choose. A team of highly skilled experts works with you to tackle business critical priorities while supporting the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite including new functionality and reports; enhancements and application integration; and staying up to date on current versions, fixes, and patches.


The Value

  • We have the methodology and hands-on experience to support your journey as most of our own employees work remotely
  • Maintaining business continuity plus ensuring faster time to value and minimal disruption
  • Providing world-class user education and support

The Proof:

  • Connected employees improves productivity in organizations up to 25%
  • Nine in 10 companies waste time and resources on inefficient tasks
  • 75% of remote workers say they could continue to work amidst unpredictable circumstances

The Outcomes:

  • Rapidly implement a secure and flexible virtual environment
  • Receive expert guidance and resources to better enable and support a remote workforce
  • Easily scale operations to react quickly to future global drivers or changing business needs

Comprehensive Offerings

You can rely on us to help your systems stay up to date and deal with any unexpected roadblocks, so you can remain focused on moving your business forward.

Expert Support

Performance and Diagnostic Services

Cloud Transformations and Services

Proactive Service

Release Management and Source Code Management

Application Integration

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