Microsoft Dynamics CRM JRF Success Story

Coordination and manage contact with key stakeholders

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) is an endowed foundation that funds a large, UK-wide research and development program to understand the root causes of social problems, identify ways of overcoming them, and show how social needs can be met in practice.

With Hitachi Solutions, JRF is able to:

  • Utilize the ease of integration with existing internal systems and products
  • Greatly increase the user adoption due to the familiarity with the interface
  • Ease staff fears due to design capability and flexibility ensured that the teams’ processes were taken into consideration to meet their needs


JRF Microsoft Dynamics CRM Success Story

Hitachi Solutions was awarded the contract based on the professionalism of their presentation. They clearly understood our brief and had prepared an impressive matrix detailing where Dynamics would fit and appropriate solutions where it wouldn’t. The consultants delivering the presentation were also going to be the consultants who would be responsible for the implementation and they seemed very approachable and gave us every confidence they could deliver.

Julia Lewis, Communications Director, JRF

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