Microsoft Dynamics CRM James M. Pleasants Success Story

James M. Pleasants Grows the Business with Dynamics CRM Online

James M. Pleasants Company (JMP) was founded in 1958 as a stocking sales representative for Bell & Gossett products. The company has grown as an employee-owned sales organization over the years by proving its customers with integrated hydronic systems and superior customer service. With more than fifty years’ experience and the representation of more than twenty additional lines, James M. Pleasants Company has the expertise and products to provide integrated hydronic, steam, and condensate systems.

With Hitachi Solutions, JMP is able to:

  • Greatly improve marketing automation to help JMP move to a more sophisticated email marketing plan in the future.
  • Gain visibility into project revenues more accurately and prepare for economic changes in the construction market before the business is affected.
  • Take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online improvements in performance issues with VPN bottlenecks or slow connectivity between branch offices.


JMP Microsoft Dynamics CRM Success Story

The easy navigation and search capability enables new hires to jump in to quickly find products and start intelligently servicing our customers almost immediately.

Joe Claxton, Manager of Information Technology, JMP

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