Microsoft Dynamics CRM Grange Insurance Success Story

Grange Insurance strengthens its Hassle-free Customer Service

Since its founding in 1935, Grange Insurance has aspired to offer its customers a hassle-free insurance experience that’s personal and relevant to their needs. But that’s a tall order when you’re serving more than 750,000 policyholders through more than 4,000 independent agents across 13 states.

With Hitachi Solutions, Grange Insurance is able to:

  • Serve its customers better and faster, thereby enabling Grange to obtain valuable insight into its customer service organization
  • Obtain valuable insight into its customer service organization helping to identify trends and patterns that might highlight a recurring issue or an opportunity for improvement.
  • Increase efficiency by predicting how high the call volume will be in the future and plan resources accordingly from past data


Grange Insurance Microsoft Dynamics CRM Success Story

We save seconds on every call, and we capture way more information. That’s a huge benefit.

Craig Borens, AVP of Customer Care for Grange Insurance

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