Microsoft Dynamics CRM CSX Transportation Success Story

Establishing the Next Customer Experience

When CSX Transportation, a leading North American rail-based transportation company, needed a CRM solution, it chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now, more than 1,300 of the company’s employees across sales, marketing, and operations use the solution every day. With the solution providing a central repository for both customer and key operational data, CSX has been able to approach new business more strategically as one team, not only driving new revenue, but also providing a consistent, positive experience to their many customers.

With Hitachi Solutions, CSX Transportation is able to:

  • Increase team selling and cross-selling across our business groups
  • Exploit single source of information has led to a boost in productivity savings across the company
  • Greatly improve customer relationships due to customer touch points being recorded centrally


CSX Transportation Microsoft Dynamics CRM Success Story

Through our customer profiles in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we were able to uncover new business opportunities that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise—and we’re working on those right now.

Vicki Burton, Director of CRM, CSX Transportation

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