Microsoft Dynamics CRM Caruso Affiliated Success Story

Gaining a unique Loyalty Rewards Program

Recognized around the world as one of the most innovative and successful developers of retail complexes, Caruso Affiliated continues to be the leader in the industry for sales, popularity, growth, and the highest quality portfolio. By combining a focus on driving sales, a passion for architectural and design excellence, a commitment to serving the needs of the local community, and close attention to offering a one-of-a-kind guest experience, Caruso Affiliated has become one of the most admired real estate development firms in the industry.

With Hitachi Solutions, Caruso Affiliated is able to:

  • Customer Loyalty program not only increases the lifetime value of existing customers, but also builds better relationships with new customers
  • Them keep up with constantly changing data and analytics to provide real-time reports
  • Provide superior customer service with access to the 360-degree-view of the customer


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One of the highly valuable components of the CRM system is its scalability. We have a very large development pipeline, and we are able to use CRM as an asset, not only on existing properties but to extend it to new guest populations in order to have the same expectation of success in future developments.

Rick Gehringer, SVP – Technology, Caruso Affiliated

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