Microsoft Dynamics CRM Butterfield & Robinson Success Story

Better tack customer information in one system

Butterfield & Robinson (B&R) has specialized in walking and biking tours since 1966. With a lineup of biking and walking journeys that now spans more than two dozen countries and six continents, each route is carefully designed to immerse travelers in the local culture and reveal a region’s true spirit.

With Hitachi Solutions, B&R is able to:

  • Ensure a timely response to customer requests, thus improving customer experience
  • Utilize real-time query capabilities – something B&R had never been able to achieve
  • Capitalize on the acute understanding of trends to support better decision making when creating future trips or modifying existing customer trips


Butterfield & Robinson Microsoft Dynamics CRM Success Story

We used Hitachi Solutions to push the Microsoft CRM envelope through extensive customizations and integration with external systems. Hitachi Solutions proved an invaluable partner and showed the depth of their technical skills by designing and implementing innovative solutions to meet all of our needs.

Ben Davies, Director of IS, Butterfield & Robinson

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