Microsoft Dynamics CRM BC Biomedical Success Story

Improved service and reduces dependency on paper

BC Biomedical Laboratories Ltd. is a community laboratory based in Surrey, BC with 44 Patient Service Centers throughout the lower mainland. With over 650 employees and 1.7 million patients, they are the largest community laboratory in British Columbia entirely owned by local pathologists.

With Hitachi Solutions, BC Biomedical is able to:

  • Due to integrating CRM with BizTalk, data is now centralized and synchronized across the organization
  • Grow a pool of data allows users to provide a higher level of service
  • Improve control and security around role-specific and sensitive documents


BC Biomedical Laboratories Microsoft Dynamics CRM Success Story

Our Business Accounts team has quickly adopted Dynamics CRM and it has helped us gain visibility into our data, improving overall service to our clients.

Chris Fiorucci, Project Manager, BCBiomedical

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