Microsoft Dynamics Performance Controls Success Story

Performance Controls Rapidly Implements Microsoft AX

Performance Controls, Inc. (PCI) designs and manufactures Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) amplifiers and motor drives for applications demanding great precision, high power, extreme performance and/or outstanding reliability. From its conception nearly 30 years ago, PCI, has had the same mission: “To design and manufacture power amplifiers that provide performance and features beyond the ordinary.” During the company’s history, it has repeatedly contributed to the state of-the-art of Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) amplifiers, and has received numerous patents for its many developments.

With Hitachi Solutions, Performance Controls is able to:

  • Improved product margins and reduced margin variance
  • Pro-active control of product lifecycle
  • Reduced information silos
  • Improved use of resources (labor and equipment)
  • Decreased lead time to provide better customer service
  • Enhanced visibility into plans and improved customer response
  • Ability to manage product quality, services, warranty, and maintenance


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