Microsoft Dynamics AX LS Travel Retail Success Story

Implement Microsoft AX and Improves Productivity, Customer Service and More

LS travel retail North America is transforming the travel experience. With over 250 stores, their programs are engaging passengers in new and exciting ways. From news and gift, to specialty retail and food, their brands and concepts focus on delivering trendsetting products and services that are relevant to today’s traveler.

With Hitachi Solutions, LS Travel Retail is able to:

  • Accurate replenishment will reduce out of stock levels. The total sales uplift from improved in-stock position is estimated at over $1,000,000 annually.
  • Inventory Optimization: Greater inventory visibility and defined re-order quantities based on forecast & inventory position can reduce slow moving inventory. Estimated potential savings at $500,000
  • Improved gross profit through enhanced assortment control : Improved planning and increased inventory visibility enables better assortment strategy and planning which, in turn, will lead to reduced incidence of markdowns and write offs


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LS Travel Retail strives to make our customers’ journey more enjoyable. In order to continue to achieve and exceed their expectations, we required a more sophisticated and integrated technology solution that could deliver core retail capabilities to meet our near term goals, as well as implement foundational components to support LS’ longer term strategic goals.
Vadim Motlik, Chief Administrative & Chief Financial Officer, LS Travel Retail

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