Microsoft Dynamics AX ESI Enterprises Success Story

ESI Automates Processes and Improves Productivity with Microsoft AX

ESI Enterprises contract manufactures and distributes consumer electronic products to retailers in North America, Canada and Mexico, and provides repair facilities for products for which the company is the manufacturer of record. With the growth of ecommerce as a retail channel in the last several years, the company also provides drop-ship services to some of its customers, delivering crucial back-end shipping, tracking, and delivery assistance.

With Hitachi Solutions, ESI Enterprises is able to:

  • Enhanced Quality of Financial Data
  • Automated Processes Result in Improved Worker Productivity
  • Flexible Platform that Supports Increased Order Volume


ESI Enterprises Microsoft Dynamics AX Success Story

Sales orders and invoices are the lifeblood of any sales organization. Microsoft Dynamics AX gives us the flexibility to modify our sales orders to match our needs at any time.
Gary Godman, Vice President Information Technology and Services ESI Enterprises

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