Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce SchoolKidz Success Story

Schoolkidz Turns to Hitachi Solutions to Help Make the Grade

Based in Woodridge, Illinois, SchoolKidz provides school supply kits containing school materials and tools according to the specifications of a school, teacher, parent, or other organization. A business unit of global office retailer Staples, SchoolKidz delivers its products to thousands of schools nationwide.

With Hitachi Solutions, SchoolKidz is able to:

  • Separate Programs Running Smoothly
  • Hosted and Secure
  • Easier Query and Reporting Activities
  • Streamlining Operations


SchoolKidz Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce Success Story

Our customers are seeing a brighter, sharper image with our website compared to prior years. With our new, sharp site, customers are impressed not only with the appearance but with the functionality. The overall user experience was what we were striving for to begin with, and it has been a major benefit that we received going with Hitachi Solutions.
Joe Grlica, IT/IS Manager for SchoolKidz

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