Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce Qorpak Success Story

Deliver High-Quality & User-Friendly Shopping Experience

Qorpak provides laboratory packaging, laboratory supplies, and value-added services for customers across many industries. Qorpak’s customer base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to small, family-run businesses

With Hitachi Solutions, Qorpak is able to:

  • Customer Thrill
  • Industry-Leading Innovation
  • Integration with Business Applications


Qorpak Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce Success Story

Qorpak has a strong business culture that is dedicated to thrilling our customers. One of the main reasons we decided to upgrade our ecommerce site was to enhance that customer experience. Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce helps us serve our customers with the latest technology on a daily basis.
Karen Brooks, Vice President, Qorpak

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