July 10 Webinar: Loyalty Management Solution

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Loyalty Management Solution Webinar

As the average customer becomes smarter and aware, it becomes more difficult to cater to all their demands. They expect value, and they want to be appreciated for their patronage. Keeping these in mind, loyalty programs are designed to support customer retention strategies.

Managing loyalty programs effectively is crucial to developing rewards that keep the competition at bay, and motivate customers to return. Loyalty Management Solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides retailers an end-to-end management of loyalty programs, quick and easy creation of rewards, and in-depth insight into customer accrual and redemption behaviors.

Join us for the Loyalty Management Solution Webinar to discover how the Hitachi Solutions’ Loyalty Management system enables businesses to take full control of each stage of loyalty program operations – from customer enrollment, to creation of promotions, to reward transactions.

Loyalty Management Solution Webinar
Date: Wednesday, July 10th, 2018
Time: 1:30 pm SGT / 3:30 pm AEST