October 14 Webinar: Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics

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Help your online sales channel out-perform the competition with Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics. The fully functional, highly integrated Ecommerce system is scalable to help merchants increase their revenue. Out-of-the-box capabilities like self-service order entry, customer service, account administration, and more help to significantly reduce operating costs.

Join our Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics Demo to see an in-depth overview of the capabilities of Ecommerce for Microsoft Dynamics and the many benefits it can provide for your online sales channel.

Our webinar will cover how Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce helps you:

  • Increase conversions with a user-friendly, intuitive web store interface
  • Save time by no longer needing to manage your web stores for different devices
  • Track and understand customer behavior to better plan your omni-channel marketing activities
  • Simplify the checkout process for customers

We look forward to having you join us!